🎬 Why “No Office”? Why I’m running an all-remote company? – my presentation at Infoshare 2018

In this presentation that I did in front of an audience of 500+
people at InfoShare 2018 I’m
talking about the “why” of #NoOffice – why we’re
running a company without an office. What are the advantages and
disadvantages and why I believe it’s the future of work.

Why an all-remote team can be successful and work better!?

Apart from the big “why” I also talk about the practical
aspects of running an all-remote company and why it might not make
sense to rent an office space for your company/startup and why by
working all-remote you can have a better team:

  • how you can make your team feel more connected… even though
    they don’t share the same physical space
  • how to run meetings, how to run projects, how to get stuff done
    together in a “no office” team
  • when meeting in person matters and when it really doesn’t –
    how to build a company based on trust and not just control
  • why when you’re together you’re wasting time and having
    only an illusion of control – how to structure communication in
    your team
  • why a physical office can be an additional tool for your
    team/company but is not a requirement – why you can hire from
    anywhere and how it benefits you
  • why you can save money on rent and save time and stress on
    daily commute

Plus lots of practical tips of running an all remote team from
me – a person, who’s been doing this for the last 11 years + more
tips from other companies who’re doing it as well (Automattic,
Buffer, MySQL, etc.). Enjoy!

P.S. And if you want to find out how I worked on this
presentation, you’ll get the whole back-stage listening or watching the
episode 145 of The Podcast