13.1 Running Mantras to help you through your next half marathon

13.1 running mantras for half marathon

When the going gets tough, the tough get self-talking. It’s
true. Being on top of your mental game is just as important as
preparing physically for a race. And we all need a little positive
self-talk to get us through the toughest miles.

Powerful Words

I’ve used mantras over and over again in races and they have
helped me to some of my best performances. They are also extremely
powerful outside of the running world, in our day to day lives.
Repeating truths to ourselves can alter our internal narrative and
change the way we think about ourselves and they way we perceive
the world.

Mantras are powerful. They can changed the way we think about
ourselves and the way we perceive the…

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13.1 Mantras

So here are a few mantras to use during your next half

1. I am strong. I am fast. I am confident.

2. I’ve done the work.

3. Run the mile I’m in.

4. Arms faster, legs faster.

5. Light and smooth. Light and smooth.

6. Head up. Fast feet.

7. You got this.

8. Run Far, Run Strong.

9. Let your legs fly.

10. Embrace the Hill.

11. Strong legs. Strong heart.

12. Own these miles.

13. Excellence in every step.

13.1 There’s more to give.

Get motivated with 13.1 Running Mantras for your next
#halfmarathon from @runfargirl

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What’s your favorite running mantra for race


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Running Mantras to help you through your next half marathon

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