Angelica Reviews Cabrillo Shorts From Running Warehouse

I am a picky-ass mofo when it comes to running shorts.
Historically I have only run in compression shorts because
everything else leads to the dreaded chub-rub. Even with
compression shorts, I have been known to try on 15 pairs and still
leave the store empty-handed because nothing fits right. I still
run in an ancient pair that I keep patching because the company
that made them went out of business.

So when I opened my surprise product review package from Salty
Running and found shorts I thought, oh crap. My first chance to
review something and I am going to have to write about how I
don’t like the product! I received three pairs of
Cabrillo Mariposa trail shorts
– two size M and one size L
– and when I tried them on, the size Ms fit and the L was too

I decided to try the Cabrillos at the gym first, figuring that
was a lot safer than trying to run in them. They felt amazing. It
was a hot day and it was great to get more ventilation than my
usual compression gear. Furthermore, not five minutes into our
training session, Tough Guy Trainer noticed I had new shorts. He
loved them! We don’t talk a lot of fashion), but he thought the
shorts looked great and he wanted to know if they made them for men
). The shorts were great to lift in – nothing constricted
and no extra fabric getting in the way.

It happened to be my daughter’s field day and it was so hot
that I figured I’d just shower later. I had brought something to
change into, but the Cabrillo’s were so comfortable that I just
left them on. I helped six different grade levels manage a water
relay event

and the shorts were super, even after getting a little damp.
Snarky Girl also noticed the shorts right off the bat. Her comment
was more direct: Those shorts make your ass look great!

After the big success at the gym and field day, it was time for
the true test: running in the shorts. To be honest, I was still
really skeptical because all previous attempts at running in
non-compression gear had resulted in chub-rub disaster. I decided
to them on an easy 4 miler, just in case. Knock me over with a
feather: the shorts were great, zero chub-rub. I tried them on a
somewhat longer outing: totally fine. Finally I was brave enough to
try them on a long run: magnificent! Over the summer, these became
my favorite shorts, the ones you wash first so they are clean when
you want them, i.e. always.

In fact, I love these shorts so much that I ran my goal marathon
in them. Here’s me getting a BQ in my Cabrillos. I remain a
picky-ass mofo in the shorts department; these are just great