How to Be a High Performer and Achieve Personal Power Mastery with Douglas Vermeeren – Episode 268

Imagine what would happen
if you were able to connect with the world’s highest performers
and somehow convince them to teach you their secrets to

What if you learned what the most successful people on the
planet do to create such phenomenal results?

From their actions and habits to their mindset and philosophies,
what if you came to understand exactly what separates the top 1% of
achievers from the rest of the world?

Now you can, thanks to my guest in this episode of Renegade
Radio, Douglas Vermeeren.

Often referred to as “the modern day Napoleon Hill,” Douglas
is an expert in the fields of motivational speaking and personal
development. Over the past few decades he’s conducted extensive
first hand research into the lives of the world’s top achievers.
He has learned the success strategies of business leaders from
Nike, Reebok, Microsoft, Disney and ABC, just to name a few.

His newest book, “Personal Power Mastery” is based on the
systems the most successful people in the world actually utilize to
produce extraordinary results.

If you want to learn how to create the same results in your own
life, you cannot afford to miss this episode!

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • How he got into martial arts and the craziest injuries he’s
    suffered. [3:32]
  • How to use what you eat to stay in tune with your body.
  • How he simplifies nutrition to optimize his lifestyle.
  • Why he gets his mind going before his body and tips for reading
    multiple books per week. [13:09]
  • What is he currently reading and how does he retain the
    information he consumes? [14:47]
  • How to avoid distractions and OWN your morning! [17:30]
  • The 5 Pillars to your best life. [24:57]
  • Is paying yourself first actually ineffective? [30:42]
  • How to intentionally put yourself into your “brilliant
    zone”. [34:36]
  • The #1 sign of intelligence: You can be right or you can be
    rich. [37:12]
  • How values influence your priorities. [39:38]
  • Why you receive what you expect. [43:19]
  • Does true happiness only exist in the present? [50:41]
  • The 5 ways your mind learns. [56:22]
  • Are you an explorer or a settler? [1:05:59]
  • The difference between working and being productive.
  • How to identify your 20% today! [1:13:48]
  • Should you hire people who are smarter than you? [1:17:00]
  • Doug shares his films and what you can expect from each.
  • The modern day Napoleon Hill: Douglas Vermeeren’s new book,
    Personal Power Mastery. [1:22:53]


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