I Was Blown Away That I Could Lose Weight Without Running!

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This may not look like your typical success story, but it’s
still a primal success nonetheless! I have been blessed in that
I’ve never had any illnesses or struggles with health. I’ve
always been super active and that had helped me maintain a healthy
weight, even throughout three pregnancies. My passion for running
has always been deep and I completed my first marathon at the age
of 31. I was hooked.

But with the growing number of miles, you can imagine how my
appetite grew as well. I had the mindset that since I ran ten miles
that morning, I could eat as much as I wanted, especially because I
was eating “healthy” things like whole grain pasta, wheat
bread, oatmeal, protein and snack bars, etc. I noticed that with
every marathon training cycle, the scale would go up a little.
I kept telling myself, “It’s okay, after my 20 miler
this weekend I will drop the extra weight.” Nope. I

noticed my clothes were getting uncomfortably tighter and my
stomach was so bloated. I was confused because I would eat a big
bowl of pasta and be hungry 30 minutes later. By this point, my
weight was about ten pounds heavier than my normal, and the highest
it had ever been! Most people probably couldn’t even tell, but I
KNEW something wasn’t right. I felt horrible in my own skin.

As I was browsing for a new audiobook to listen to on my runs,
I spotted one that caught my eye called
Primal Endurance: Escape Chronic Cardio and Carbohydrate Dependency
and Become a Fat-Burning Beast
I knew I had to read
it, not just listen to it, so I ordered it right away. To say it
changed my life is an understatement! Every chapter was describing
my life exactly. I was one week out from my next marathon so I knew
that wasn’t the time to make any drastic changes to my diet. I
ran a 3-minute PR and qualified for Boston that Saturday, and on
Monday I started the
21-Day Primal Challenge

I cannot even describe how good I felt (except for a pretty bad
headache on day two!). I followed the guidelines to a tee and saw
incredible results. I lost seven very stubborn pounds
during the three weeks and that was without doing any
My exercise during the 21 days consisted of
taking the kids and dog for daily walks. I was blown away that I
could lose weight without running!

Needless to say, I didn’t stop after the 21 days. I have now
been primal for 6 months and have never felt better. I’ve
lost over ten pounds without even really trying.
I love my
eggs, avocados, nuts, berries, veggies, whole-fat Greek yogurt, and
meat. My husband was skeptical at first, but saw my success and
joined me in this lifestyle. He lost almost 20 pounds that he
hadn’t even realized he’d slowly packed on over time.

I am currently training for the Boston Marathon and can easily
go through the day after a run without ever feeling ravenous. If I
have to wait to eat or skip a meal, it’s no big deal. I
also make sure to avoid chronic cardio by keeping my easy days
easy, and my hard days hard.

Thanks, Mark! Although I’m not quite ready to give up
marathons, I’ll give up grains, sugar, and bad oils any day!

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I Was Blown Away That I Could Lose Weight Without Running!

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