Webinar Replay: Deliver self-service data exploration with m-Power DX

EducationSummary: Would you like to simplify
self-service analytics? Would you like to remove the reporting
burden from your IT department? Check out this webinar replay to
learn how m-Power DX–a new data exploration tool–can help your

Does your organization have a reporting bottleneck? Do users submit
reporting requests through a single department or individual?

It’s a common problem in businesses across the globe. They
have plenty of data, but users have no easy way to explore this
data on their own. Instead, their stuck submitted reporting
requests to IT, or downloading data into Excel and analyzing it on
their own.

If you face this problem, here’s a webinar replay you’ll
want to check out. It introduces a brand new, self-service data
exploration tool: The m-Power Data Explorer (DX). An add-on to the
m-Power Development Platform, m-Power DX lets end users create
reports, data lookups, visualizations, pivot tables, and dashboards
in minutes.

To learn more about m-Power DX, check out the webinar
below. In this video, you will:

  • Learn how m-Power DX will help their organizations deliver
    self-service data exploration.
  • See a live demo of m-Power DX in action.
  • Learn how to obtain a free trial of m-Power DX.

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Webinar Replay: Deliver self-service data exploration with m-Power
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