Weekly Round-Up 201: Smelling Productivity, Car Rental Cheats & Savvy Budgeting

Weekly Round-Up 201: Smelling Productivity, Car Rental Cheats & Savvy Budgeting

Hello everyone, I hope your week has been a happy and productive
one. In this week’s round-up we look at how certain fragrances
can make you more productive, some little tricks you can use to
ease the pain of car rental over the holidays and how you can
budget well without missing out.

Your Ultimate
Productivity Resource
– The Productivity Directory

If you haven’t checked out our 200th Installment of the
FlippingHeck.com weekly round-ups then what are you waiting for? We
released TheProductivityDirectory.com
– it’s your one stop shop for all things productivity. Feel
free just to browse or add your favourite resources too.

Tips For Families & Households On A Budget |
– Military
Travel Mama

If you’re looking to save some money for a rainy day, pay off
a loan or maybe buy a bigger house then it can be daunting to know
where to start. Stephanie over at the Military Travel Mama blog
sent be over her great budgeting tips and I was thrilled when she
asked me to contribute too. There’s 43 tips currently but it’s
being added to all the time so head on over and bookmark it and let
Stephanie know your best budgeting tips.

Rental Tips And Tricks
– CarRentals.com

As we’re coming to the holiday season you may be thinking of
hiring a car so that you can get back to your family instead of
braving public transport or the old rust bucket you drive around
town. CarRentals.com has put together some great (and slightly
cheeky) tips to make sure that you get the best car and save
yourself money too.

Blogger Networking:
8 Best Places To Discover New Blogs
– blogging.com

If you’re a blogger looking for new people to connect with, or
maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby and are looking for advice and
inspiration then I’m sure your first thought will be to check out
some blogs. Given the number of them on the internet it can be a
bit daunting to try and find them but there are ways you can
improve your searches to the most relevant and Blogging.com has
some great tips on how to whittle down the blogging pool.

Would Take A 50% Pay Cut For A Job They Really Love

Lexington Law

We’re always being told to do a job that you love – but
would you cut your salary in half to do so? I did and I have to say
that I’m more that happy (and feeling healthier for it too) and
it would appear that 50% of Americans would do the same as well –
wow! I’m not sure if that means people are earning enough that
they can afford to lose 50% of their wages or that they’re that
unhappy they don’t care about the financial impact.

What do you think? Would you quit your job for less money if you
were happier? Let us know in the comments what you’d do

To Help You Work
– FragranceX

I use a lavender spray when I can get to sleep and it sends me
right off, and I often feel more productive when I catch a whiff of
coffee but there are many other fragrances that can help you get
stuff done. The guys at FrangranceX.com have done all of the nose
work for you and have listed 12 scents that will help everything
from memory to stress – and you’ll have a lot of these around
the house already – bonus!

Step-By-Step Guide To Increasing Brain Power At The Workplace

– MC2

If you want to increase your brainpower and productivity, as
well as wafting some nice smells around there are other little
things you can do that can make a huge difference. From things to
the right desk lamp bulb to the perfect temperature this
infographic has some great tips to help you get your brain in

Yoga For Beginners:
Everything You Need To Get Started
– Hobby Help

If you’ve been wondering about yoga but don’t know where to
start the HobbyHelp.com has put together a comprehensive guide to
get you started. Don’t think that yoga is all about aligning your
inner chakra and chanting, it can be a really intense workout if
you want it to be and can help increase range of movement, improve
your balance and co-ordination and reduce stress. I do a pilates
class each week
and it’s really helped with my back issues
-and certainly reduces stress. If you’re not convinced then check
out the Hobby help article which lets you know all the benefits,
the types of yoga, the equipment you’ll need and a few basic

You Know The True Cost Of Your Communications?
– RingCentral

You don’t have to rely on a clunky PBX (Private Branch
Exchange) system in order to run your business phone network –
they’re expensive, require regular engineer visits in order to
upgrade systems or add new users and (in my humble experience) tend
to go a bit wrong at the worst time possible.

Real Cost Of Buying Your Own Home
– TotallyMoney

Purchasing a home is now a dream for most people living in the
UK as rising housing costs, no enough new properties being built
and an increase use of the property market for rentals you need
either a massive deposit or a large salary to purchase your own
home – and don’t forget that the advertised price doesn’t
include Government Stamp Duty, legal fees and the rest. In this
interactive guide TotallyMoney tallies up the true cost of buying a

Building A
Positive Workplace Culture
– nuvro

A happy workforce is a productive workforce and you don’t even
need to spend thousands of pounds on a ball pit, 24 hour pizza
delivery and a pool table to keep your employees happy – it’s
the small things that count. In their article nuvro look at several
things any company can implement no matter their size or financial
situation which will make your employees feel valued and happier
and in turn they will work harder for you.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any
links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the
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Until next week, Stay Productive!